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Comparison Of Presses And Punching Machines:


Punch and punch the processed object is similar to a large extent, punch is divided into ordinary punch, fast punch, because the punch needs a feeding system, so the volume is huge.

Further development of the punch is a punch, it solves the problem of independent feeding system of punch needed, so the volume is small.

Punching machine is divided into ordinary punching machines, automatic punching machine (also called automatic position punching machines, automatic punching), automatic punching machine, super automatic punching machines.

General punching machine automatic positioning system is equivalent to a solution to the problem of feeding a small punch.

Automatic punching machine in the General punching machine based on the automatic positioning system, greatly improving the speed and precision punching can be understood as an automatic control of high precision small presses.

Super automatic punching machines can not only customize the positioning and auto feeding, greatly saves manpower.

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