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Shearing Machine Considerations


1. no study, no understanding of machine architecture, performance, and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine.

2. lubrication of the machine should be required, raise oil at least once in each class.

3. Add hydraulic oil tank should be strictly use high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must undergo a rigorous filtering and keeping enough oil, insufficient should immediately raise oil.

4. tanks should be cleaned and replaced with new oil once every six months, but cleaning filtering the oil cannot be more than a month for the first time, used a new oil after lots allowed to give one.

5. when there is a more serious leak or when an anomaly occurs on the job, should immediately stop, analyze the causes and troubleshooting, forcibly take operation.

6. the machine is in operation or in the packaging process, shall not be repaired or hand touching the moving parts, no hands or feet press material in the hopper.

7. pump, valve, pressure gauge, adjustment must be experienced skilled workers, if pressure gauge is faulty, should immediately check the check or update tables.

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